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Why I photograph families

The way your son kisses her sister, the wild dances in the kitchen, the tomato sauce all over your daughter's hair when she eats pizza, how daddy feels after a big hug, the way you tell stories during bedtime, how painful for you it was to see your little one with blood on his knees, the long walk during summer before dinner, the way your dog was trying to lick your face, the joy of having every member of your family sat around you on the grass and every moments that you’ll wanna remember.

This is why I photograph family stories - because I want your family photos to reflect who you really are.

11 Frequently Asked Questions



What will it be like to be photographed by you?

I don't want you to pose. I want you to live like a normal day with your routine, while I will photograph your family with a documentary approach, capturing the natural moments as they happen. I wanna be sure everyone acts honestly and that's why I'm always staying more than 4 hours with your family. I found it's the minimum amount of time for the kids to be themselves and totally forget about the camera.
I want to capture how it feels, the atmosphere, the details, and the different relationships, because it's all that matter.


How long have you been a photographer?

I've been photographing families and weddings for nearly 10 years now! I've started my own business 4 years ago and I wish I'll be photographing people stories forever because it's such an amazing job!


Where are you based? Do you travel to photograph families?

I'm currently living in Manchester, Uk. And yes, I love travelling to photograph families in their own environment. I love discovering where people live and looking at a new place with child eyes. I find it very inspiring.


Who do you love photographing?

Usually, people who are pretty laid back and value spending quality time with their family - like me. But in fact, everyone that love looking at pictures and want to remember how it felt.
Every person is different and I love capturing small parts of their story to help them remember. The house, the decoration, the clothes... are not the main subjects for me ; they are a part of the story as they are and I'm happy to photograph them because they are a part of your life but it doesn't really matter for me. Only you and the way you live together matter.


How many images are included?

Each one of my packages varies in how many images are included. I promise I’ll always include a lot of images from candid portraits to details. Also, I don't want you to only look at your photos though a screen so I offer options to get prints and albums. These are your memories and I want you enjoy your photos as much as you can, with yours kids, your family and even your friends. I will capture your family beautifully so I want you to remember this time in your lives and to be able to hand these photos down to your kids and grandkids.


When will we receive our images?

The turnaround depends on the session (how many pictures I have to process) and the season (how busy I am). Usually, for a "Half a day" session it takes 3 weeks or less and for a "Day in the life" session take 5 weeks or less. I always try to get them back to you as soon as possible while I also make sure to process every photo with the time it needs.


How do payment schedules work?

A 30% deposit is required to secure your date on my calendar, and the remaining 70% is due 1 week in advance. I it makes it easier for you, you can also split the last remaining (up to 2 payments).


What should we wear for our session?

Anything you like and feel comfortable in! I want you to look at your photos and to see yourselves. Remember that your kids will look at these pictures in a few years and they will probably want to see you as you were in their memories. My advice is to choose something you already have in your closet and not to go shopping especially for the session (apart if it's something really cool that you will wear often!) The only thing to avoid are thin lines, flashy colours and large written words... I can explain you why when we first meet. :)


What if we need to cancel/reschedule our session?

If you have to move/cancel your session but you’ve already put a deposit down on a date, it is legally non-refundable and a new deposit will have to be made in order to hold your new date.


We’re awkward in front of the camera. is that okay?

Yes! I think everyone I photograph tells me they feel awkward having their photo taken, even the ones who seem natural in my portfolio. My sessions are all about you spending a great moment with your family, having fun and living a normal day full of hugs, I promise.
I just want you to feel comfortable, vulnerable, honest, and to remember how much you love your family - it's gonna be awesome.


What if our children don't behave?

It's totally fine! I don't want you to apologize or feel embarrassed. The reason why I have a documentary approach is to photograph exactly what happen, and there is no good or bad reactions, there is just life. If you child is feeling free to be who they are with me as they would with you, it's totally what I'm looking for. Children are most of the time really authentic and their actions are unfiltered because they don't know the "codes" like adults do and that's amazing. I love documenting every moment because this is what a family life is, including joy and tears.

I'm not a just a supplier and you're not just my clients.

I really do care about your memories and I want to be more than just a photographer to you. 

I wanna be a friend.

I'm not a just a supplier and you're not just my clients.

I really do care about your memories and I want to be more than just a photographer to you. 

I wanna be a friend.


Toddler watching his mum getting ready during a day in the life session in Manchester



The half day in the life session is a relaxed 4 hours session that takes place in your home.

After the session you will receive up to 40 edited, high res photos in a mix of b&w and colour via an online gallery.





The day in the life session is a 8 hours documentary session that takes place in your home.

After the session you will receive up to 90 edited, high res photos in a mix of b&w and colour via an online gallery and a


Reflection of a pregnant woman on the mirror during a manchester maternity session



- Only available for maternity and newborn sessions -

My portrait session is a natural and artistic up to 60 minutes session that takes place in your home or on location.

After the session you will receive up to 10 edited, high res photos in a mix of b&w and colour via an online gallery.


Dad playing a vinyl to his son during a documentary family photoshoot in Manchester UK


- Can't be purchased on its own -

3 minutes video
Get your memories captured in motion to hear the sound of your kid's voices and to remember them in a moving way.


If what I say means something to you

I'd love to know more about you!