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Why I photograph families

The way your son kisses her sister, the wild dances in the kitchen, the tomato sauce all over your daughter's hair when she eats pizza, how daddy feels after a big hug, the way you tell stories during bedtime, how painful for you it was to see your little one with blood on his knees, the long walk during summer before dinner, the way your dog was trying to lick your face, the joy of having every member of your family sat around you on the grass and every moments that you’ll wanna remember.

This is why I photograph family stories - because I want your family photos to reflect who you really are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should we do the session?

I do photograph both in home sessions and outdoor sunset sessions.

I really really love capturing your life in your house. In home, your kids are comfortable in an environment they love. If you want meaningful and intimate photos, it's the kind of session you should choose. Your home is the heart of who you are, where your memories are as a family and it's a beautiful way to capture your story.

Outdoor sessions are also really cool. I love photographing people in nature, surrounded by beautiful landscapes but also in the city and its strong geometrical shapes. Being outside give people a feeling of freedom that I really enjoy capturing.

The most important is to choose the place that reflects you the most, so let’s talk and work together on making the session unique for you!

What happens during a session?

When I arrive at your place, I always take the time to make friends with your kids because it's really important that I build a connection with them.
Then I'll photograph you doing something you like doing together in a documentary style, it will make all of you more comfortable and you'll get used to me and my camera. I love letting the kids playing and exploring first and then we can do some more directed photos.

But don't worry, I won’t ask you to stay still and look at the camera smiling, it's not what I do. I prefer when you don't look at me and look at each other instead and enjoy a moment all together. I will sometimes direct you to get beautiful images but they will still be natural and spontaneous.
I want to capture how it feels, the atmosphere, the details, and the different relationships, because it's all that matter.

For maternity sessions, I'll come at yours and we usually start the session with a tea, talking about you, the way you feel and the things that you love. Sometimes I help choosing the clothes and then I guide you to take natural poses that make you feel comfortable and beautiful.

What happens once our session is done?

I will send you a highlight of your photos within 4 weeks! They will be delivered via an online private gallery. You will then have 24 hours to choose which collection (including downloads, prints, albums...) suits you best. Yes, you only have to decide after you see the photos!

I want you to look at your photos everyday (and not through a screen) so every collection includes prints or an album. These are your memories and I want you enjoy your photos as much as you can, with yours kids, your family and your friends.

How do I book a session with you?

First, send me an email via the contact form giving me more info about you and telling me your ideal session date.

I will answer to your email within 24 hours and send you all the info you need. Once we find out a date that works for both of us, I will send you a link to access your questionnaire, invoice and contract.
You'll need to transfer the session fee and to sign the online contract to block the date.

Super easy. :)

Where are you based? Do you travel to photograph families?

I'm currently living in Manchester, Uk. And yes, I love travelling to photograph families in their own environment.

I love discovering where people live and looking at a new place with child eyes. I find it very inspiring.

What if it rains or we are ill? Can we postpone?

If it’s only raining a little bit, we'll enjoy it and play with it. I did a session in the snow once and it was magical!
If it’s pouring rain, we'll probably have to postpone though (apart from family and maternity session at home).
And if you’re ill, or me, we will definitely postpone it! I won't for sure bring my microbes to you and your babies.


Toddler watching his mum getting ready during a day in the life session in Manchester



The half day in the life session is a relaxed 4 hours session that takes place in your home.





The day in the life session is a 8 hours documentary session that takes place in your home.


Reflection of a pregnant woman on the mirror during a manchester maternity session



My portrait session is a natural and artistic 60 minutes session that takes place in your home or on location.


Dad playing a vinyl to his son during a snowy day in the life session in Manchester.


- Can't be purchased on its own -

3 minutes video
Get your memories captured in motion to hear the sound of your kid's voices and to remember them in a moving way.



These session fees does NOT include any digital or printed photos. You will have to choose a collection including a selection of prints, downloads and albums after the session.

The session fees only cover the pre-shoot preparation, the hourly coverage and the selection and editing of the photos. Send me a message to receive my brochure including more info about pricing, collections etc

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