August 9, 2017

Day in the life family session | The Pavoine

Because love is all


When Laetitia, from Les Histoires d’A, contacted me to photographed her family though a Day in the Life family session, I was so honoured. She is a talented photographer and above all, she is a really beautiful person. Her entire life is dedicated to her two little girls, her love and photography. Laetitia and Franck are living with their two daughter Cali and Jude in a house surrounded by fields in Bretagne, France. In summertime, they love being outside, chilling on the grass, having their meal in the sun. They also grow their own veggies and love going barefoot in the river that run behind their house.

This family has also an incredible story. They fought to be able to be together and that’s why they now enjoy so much their freedom and their endless love. What I love about them is their freedom and their endless love.

Here are Laetitia’s words, telling me why she wanted me to capture an entire day with her family.

“The first time we saw each others, something happened. A thunderbolt of sorts. Except that it wasn’t possible. The time passed but the evidence was still there, stronger. He left everything for me, he fought like a lion, and in turn I left everything for him.

We started from scratch, without a house, without furniture, but not without our love. And we rebuilt a fireplace. The most important thing for me, is that I found the man with who I want to spend the rest of my life, my other half.
The g
irls are the center of our lives, we try as much as possible to go at their own pace and to enjoy a quality life with them. So the awakening is them in the morning, with cuddles in bed, and then we spend most of our time outside. The countryside is perfect for the kind of life we want.”


“For us those moments are the things we will treasure always. These are the memories we will have forever.”


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[…] enjoyed watching snowy Day in the Life Session in Manchester, you will probably love this 24 hours session with the Pavoine Family! […]

[…] you’ve enjoyed watching this Day in the Life family session, you will probably love this 24 hours session with the Pavoine Family! […]

Beautiful family story 🙂 #clapclapclap

Merci beaucoup!

Beautiful Coralie! loved every picture.

Thanks a lot Monika!

Ce reportage est absolument magique, la lumière, le traitement, les images … un travail de toute beauté, un magnifique souvenir pour Laetitia et sa petite famille ! Bravo Coralie

Merci Val, capturer ces moments est tellement important pour moi

Wahouuuuu la claque.
J’adore. Tant de force dans ce reportage. Canon Coralie.

Merci beaucoup Fanny c’est adorable 🙂