Clients Reviews

Whitley Bay Family Session Coralie Monnet 152

The Butler Family

Newcastle Family Session

"Coralie recently came and took some family photos for us in our hometown. The images she took for us are beautiful and will be cherished. Before coming across Coralie’s work, I’d found it hard to find a photographer whose work spoke to me and who produced beautiful, natural images with a kind of raw artistic intensity.

When I saw Coralie’s images, I just knew I’d love her to photograph my family’s and I’m so happy with the images we now have."

The Pavoine Family

"Day in the Life" session

“We are so so happy...
It's totally us and Coralie’s point of view is so sweet and poetic! Each time we look at our photos, it wins our heart!
Coralie captured our wonderful memories and it's so precious to us to see ourselves during a normal day with our little daughters.
I am a photographer myself and I have so few photos with my family. These pictures that Coralie took, from our Day in the life session, with us are a truly invaluable gift!!!
Thank you sincerely - thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

breakfast on the beach - family session

The Fougere Family

A breakfast at the beach

The way you captured us fill me with joy every time I see our pictures. That's exactly what we imagined when we booked you but a thousand times better! The boys also keep a really good memory of the session. We already loved this beach, but now it is really well highlighted with the simple pleasures that we love: nature, the sea, eating, spending time all together.

You were very discreet and we did not even realize that you were taking so many pictures of us. I love the details you've managed to capture: a small hand full of sand, a mischievous look, a croissant crumb on the cheek, hands in the pockets queuing at the bakery!

Families shouldn't hesitate to hire you! We always think that family pictures are beautiful, but out of modesty or waiting for a particular event or something we don't do it. But we did it, we called you and now we have wonderful memories that will not grow old. We gonna grow old and keep this as a suspended moment, a small piece of our life that we gonna cherish forever!